P-scan Stack System - Automated Ultrasonic Inspection
P-scan Stack System - Automated Ultrasonic Inspection
P-scan Stack System - Automated Ultrasonic Inspection

New automated ultrasonic inspection system 1080-2pix-gradient

The P-scan Stack System with phased array represents a completely new way of thinking when it comes to automated ultrasonic inspection. With the best specs in the business in the lightest and most robust all-in-one system available, the P-scan Stack System allows you to perform inspections quickly and accurately – even in the most challenging environments.

Meet the Stack1080-2pix-gradient

The P-scan Stack System contains everything you need from an automated ultrasonic inspection system. But no two jobs are the same. So we developed the unique click-and-play stack system to give you the ultimate in speed, flexibility and reliability.

See the click-and-play stack system.

Increase your probability of detection

The P-scan Stack System beats all existing automated ultrasonic inspection Phased Array systems on technical specs, giving you an unrivalled signal to noise level and digitisation speed on any job.

  • Improved data accuracy
  • Dynamic range: 100 dB
  • Sample: Up to 120 MHz
  • Amplitude resolution: 22 bit
  • Faster inspections on large object
  • Data throughput: Up to 30 MB/sec
  • File size: Unlimited
  • Amplitude resolution: 22 bit

The best scanners on the market1080-2pix-gradient

P-scan scanners are widely recognised as the best scanners on the market. They deliver unbeatable durability, precision and usability. The new P-scan AUS-5 is no different – and gives you integrated touchscreen control to make operation even simpler.

Combine the P-scan AUS-5 with the P-scan Stack System and experience the ultimate in automated ultrasonic inspection.

See the new P-scan AUS-5.

P-scan AUS-5 scanner for automated ultrasonic inspection

New software built from the ground up

The all-new Windows 8 style software has been developed from the ground up by operators who understand the importance of a user-friendly graphical interface. The result is an operating system that’s fast and simple to use – and reduces the risk of operator error.

Check out the new software.

P-scan software - automated ultrasonic inspection equipment

Smart probes for faster set-up1080-2pix-gradient

With smart P-scan phased array probes, all relevant probe parameters are imported automatically directly from the probe, so you don’t have to type it manually or download the relevant parameters from the manufacturer.

Find out more about smart probes.

Intelligent P-scan Phased Array Probes - Automated Ultrasonic Inspection

Anything you need? Just ask.1080-2pix-gradient

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