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The new P-scan Stack software is developed by operators who know the importance of user-friendly software. The new software has been built from the ground up with usability in mind.

The P-scan Stack software is designed to ensure every step is intuitive, from initial set-up to delivering the final report. The customisable Windows style interface shows exactly what you need for each stage in the process, helping make operation fast and simple and reducing the risk of operator error. And, because the software can be configured to suit your level and range of tasks, you always see what you need and nothing more.

Your job, your software

Our new P-scan Stack software comes in three versions, so you always get what you need.

  • P-Scan Stack Software PE 1.0

  • This is software for systems without Phased Array. This software includes all the well-known P-scan presentations, such as Top, Side and End view, TOFD and Through Transmission.
  • P-Scan Stack Software PA 1.0
  • This is software for Phased Array systems. It includes all the standard features of the PE 1.0 Software plus Phased Array functionality.
  • P-Scan Stack Software Viewer 1.0
  • Software for clients who need to view P-scan Stack data, but don’t need data acquisition capability.

Touchscreen, mouse or keyboard?

Touchscreen, mouse or keyboard operation, the choice is yours.

Software set-up

All the basic data sets for your job can be pre-defined, so you only need to perform calibration checks before you start.

Real-time scanning

With data throughput of up to 30 MB/sec and unlimited file size, you get faster inspections, no matter how big the test object – and you can collect and store all data down to noise level.

Anything you need? Just ask.1080-2pix-gradient

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