• P-scan Stack System - Automated Ultrasonic Inspection

Smart phased array probes for faster set-up1080-2pix-gradient

Smart P-scan Stack Phased array probes enable you to cut down on set-up time and reduce the risk of operator error.

The P-scan Stack phased array probes include an internal memory that allows the P-scan Stack System to read all relevant probe parameters. The P-scan Stack System imports probe parameters during set-up and makes them available as soon as the probe is connected. As a result, you get faster set-up time and don’t have to download parameters from the manufacturer in order to maintain internal probe libraries.

P-scan Stack phased array probes are available with frequencies from 0.5 to 15 MHz, matching the unique frequency range of the P-scan Stack System. The phased array probes come with a cable length of up to 25 metres. The Stack System is very flexible and it enables you can to use probes from other suppliers using the I-Pex connector. Furthermore, adaptors can be supplied for probes using hypertronics or other proprietary connectors. 

Phased array probes and wedges holders
Phased array probe holder

Perfect coupling
The P-scan wedges and probe holders come with or without internal water irrigation systems and groves to provide optimal coupling to the component.

Stable inspection
The P-scan probe holders ensure you get the required contact pressure and stability during automated inspection.

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